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Increase your brand awareness with a modern white paper writing service

White paper writing service is a winning solution for any business. It helps to engage with a target audience, offering solutions to their issues and persuading them to buy a product or a service. An effective white paper illustrates the company’s expertise in a certain topic by providing factual evidence.

Why do you need to hire a white paper writer?

White paper writers for hire are valuable assets for any company. They help to engage more leads by producing quality website content. The writers vary in their specializations: e.g., web content writers serve a different purpose than Wikipedia writers.

A white paper is one of the best tools to gain a loyal audience. Most users rate quality white papers higher than videos, webinars, and social media posts.

Here’re several businesses that benefit from freelance content writing:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) industry;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Banking;
  • Finance and Insurance;
  • IT & Software;
  • and more.

Simply put, the white paper writer influences prospects to make decisions that work for your brand. People are motivated to contact you and purchase your product by reading a well-written paper. Even if your reader is not the decision-maker, they can use the white paper to support their argument to make a purchase.

Moreover, you can not only sell the product but yourself. Thus, LinkedIn profile writers will create an account description that collects your vision, approach, and distinction from others.

The target uses for white paper are:

  • Lead generation;
  • Building a thought leadership;
  • Closing a sales deal.

Daily operations become increasingly impossible without digital marketing, whether it’s an IT startup or a government authority. Besides, white paper writing uses researched facts to back up the statements so that the customers can relate to and trust them.

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Penfellow is a community of professional writers. We are ready to fulfill your ambitions and ideas on white paper writing. Our writers have extensive knowledge of different subjects and the secrets of engaging the target audience. We know exactly how to make you happy and fulfill your business ambitions.

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Frequently asked questions

We’re happy to resolve your questions and provide you with all types of information from how to deal with an idea that you have to how to publish your work.
What is the definition of white papers?
White papers are informational documents issued by businesses or non-profit organizations. A white paper author should highlight the main product features and its benefits. Therefore, the main aim is to promote services or gauge public opinion about some matter.
What is white paper writing?
White paper writing gives a proper voice to a business. For example, startups, government agencies, or large corporations cannot follow the same rules. Therefore, background research should also be different. There are three types of white papers based on the target audience and the research depth:
  • Backgrounders: aimed to describe the technical features of a product or a service.
  • Numbered lists: highlight the major takeaways and format them with bullet points.
  • Problem/solution papers: name a specific problem a customer faces, and offer the most applicable solution.
The white paper services should bring the information to a new light and provide a compelling narrative that cannot be found through a simple Internet search.
Who writes the white papers?
The white paper writers are the ones managing the process. One of several critical goals is providing persuasive and factual evidence while offering a product or solution to a customer’s issue.

The company is interested in producing quality white papers, so it’s usually someone inside the organization or the freelance writer hired temporarily. Sometimes, the people hired to engage in white paper writing need thorough expertise, so the business owners choose professional whitepaper writing services to get the work done.
How can you use the white paper?
The white paper is mostly a marketing document designed to attract potential clients. The white-paper creation services deliver a business-to-business (B2B) marketing promise between a wholesaler and a retailer or between a manufacturer and a wholesaler.

A solid white paper is nothing without extensive research. The white paper copywriter has to back up any thesis or a fact with related data from reliable sources. It may include charts, graphs, tables, and other visual information.
How do the research papers vs. white papers differ?
It seems they’re all alike (since both research and white papers should back up the story with valid research). However, some key differences define how to use whitepaper writing or work on a scientific paper.

  • The white paper writing services are determined to solve the industry problems presented through a technical discussion. They usually advocate for a certain position or product and focus on marketing to influence a customer’s buying decision.
  • The research papers (or academic papers) contain the original research results or earlier research evaluations. The main aim of research papers is not to persuade a customer but to prove or disprove a theory.
Additionally, publishing research papers takes more time, requiring prolonged peer reviews. The whitepaper writing services don’t have this much time and don’t need pre-approval for publishing.
What is the primary purpose of writing a white paper?
The white paper creation services focus on a specific consumer issue and help to decide when buying a product or service. The white papers bring a new perspective or a solution to a problem. They are one of the most influential forms of engagement in business relationships.
What’s the most appropriate format for a white paper?
The white paper author needs to have a good sense of self-management and organization because there’s no “one-size-fits-all” white paper format. The writers don’t have a template to follow since different business purposes may lead to various formats.

For example, the white paper might (or might not) have some of the following elements:

  • A brief overview at the beginning;
  • Important points emphasized in headings;
  • Visual elements to make the text “light”;
  • Infographics to focus on the key takeaways;
  • A thorough approach to reference studies and surveys;
  • The concluding sales pitch;
  • List of references for further reading.
The more white papers you see and read, the more ideas you can get to produce your white paper.
How do the white paper and case study differ?

The whitepaper writing service is not always good at describing case studies. That’s simply the fact, nothing personal. 

A white paper appeals to its audience, using marketing tools to spark interest in a potential customer. It is a research-based report that includes the author’s point of view and discusses the main product features.

White papers present technical details with step-by-step tutorials on how to solve customers’ issues. 

White papers are used to help:

  • Generate leads;
  • Describe original research;
  • Indirectly sell products or services;
  • Boost SEO traffic to a company’s website.

Unlike white papers, case studies are shorter and more descriptive. They present particular details, focusing on the problem someone encountered and how they found a solution. 

Case studies can help:

  • Display your experience in a particular topic;
  • Promote your organization’s effectiveness;
  • Close a sales deal with a potential customer;
  • Showcase original writing.

The white paper services don’t have this goal of posing as casual reading. They include a profound subject knowledge, heavily leaning on data and research. Besides, white papers don’t have many visuals compared to case studies or eBooks.

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