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We offer reliable book writing services and follow the highest ethical standards in ghostwriting, analytical work, or editing services! We offer all types of book writing for fiction, non-fiction, business, autobiography, research, scientific, academic, or entertainment purposes. You can request any genre and let our experts proceed with your book notes or ideas you have. Some of our services that you can enjoy include:

Our benefits

We are a reliable book writing service. We listen to your concerns and evaluate your ideas before any work starts.


Professional ghost writers

Only writers with vast background experience and writing skills.

Competitive prices

Our book writing services keeps prices affordable.


We follow all the standards of ghostwriting ethics

Unlimited revisions

As many editing and creative writing corrections as you need.

What is a book writing service?

When you have a bright idea for a book or a draft that you just cannot complete, turning to professional book writing services is a great solution that will not only provide you with reliable ghost writers but will also create your unique style by focusing on editing, formatting, and getting your manuscript prepared for publishing purposes. When you need to improve the development of the characters or eliminate repetitions, turning to reliable assistance online will help you to enhance your style and make your book stand out from the competition. Our specialists will always listen to your ideas and help you to unfold your unique vision as you write.

Regardless of whether you are looking for assistance with a children’s book or require urgent proofreading to present the final manuscript to your publisher, our book writing company will be able to evaluate and structure your ideas by using the standards that are applicable to the genre or your main objectives. The services will also include deep planning and the creation of an outline for your future book based on discussions. We also provide you with extensive research and data collection, thus making your book up to the genre’s standards.

Types of assistance offered by our book writing service

When you hire a professional from our company, you can receive all types of immediate help and receive consulting from skilled experts in your field of choice. Some of the services that we offer in terms of book writing include:

  • Ebook. It includes expert analysis, and subsequent writing and formatting of your content to meet the electronic format guidelines. Our ebook ghostwriting will also help you to make things inspiring and ready for sale.
  • Fiction writing. Whether based on an existing idea or done totally from scratch, you can enjoy writing both ways. It’s also possible to hire a screenwriter and make things adjusted for television or drama plays.
  • Children’s book writing. We know how to match the ethical and educational standards to please the youngest readers. Not many book writing companies will offer you an extensive analysis and study of the genre, yet we are happy to provide you with all types of data to show how to adjust or improve your writing.
  • Business books and presentations. You can request writing for any business purpose that may include promotional materials or descriptive writing.
  • Memoirs. Our trained book writer will collect your content and notes and will offer the best timeline and writing conditions to match your style, budget, and general requirements.
  • Biography and autobiography writing. Hiring a ghost specialist for this purpose will help you to preserve your life and make it immortal in writing.
  • Non-fiction writing. All types of non-fiction work are also on offer.
  • Promotional books. When you are promoting a scientific, personal, or business idea in writing, feel free to get in touch with our specialists. Likewise, you can approach speech writers if you need to speak at a conference or a lecture.

The advantages of using our service

When you start cooperation with professional book writers, you receive numerous benefits as your writing becomes impeccable and unique (in terms of being original and stylish, which is especially important when you require fiction ghostwriting help). Our writers will also help you with the following aspects:

  • Elimination of structural issues and creation of powerful content that always remains logical.
  • Professional service that includes anything from evaluation of ideas to final formatting and editing for publishing.
  • Collaboration with experts in your genre and strict following of the industry’s demanding standards.
  • Full guidance with the publishing process and evaluation.
  • Complete control over the writing process and the deadlines as your work is delivered on time.
  • Confidentiality and the presence of strong ethical guidelines.

What do our book writing services cover?

The list of services you can approach will always depend on the type of writing you require, the genre of the book, deadlines, and the specifics of your ideas. We always approach each request individually and our book writers for hire will evaluate the requirements first before carrying out the final word and telling you about what can be done. As a rule, the majority of our clients can request:

  • Planning and background research based on your subject to learn about your book’s requirements and core aspects.
  • Creation of an outline and the key elements before the writing work starts.
  • Ghostwriting assistance by starting either from scratch or based on your research, notes, and interviews.
  • Offering revisions based on feedback and comments.
  • Editing help that includes multi-stage checking.
  • Proofreading and formatting to prepare your content for publication by applying professional book writing methods and techniques.
  • Complete publishing consulting for self-publishing, ebook work, or traditional means of publication.
  • Custom design and assistance with the book covers.
  • Support services to discuss your concerns and consult regarding the book writing processes.

The primary advantages of becoming a writer

As you hire book writers and get your creative ideas published as a writer, you receive the following rewards:

  • International publication. Your book becomes available on premium services like Amazon and stores like Barnes’n’Noble, Google Books, and other major bookstores.
  • Endorsement for title use. It grants you the right to use your author’s title.
  • Selling your books online. Get exclusive ownership and earn up to $10,000 per month on online sales.
  • Publishing rights. Secure your intellectual property.
  • Great networking opportunities. Cooperate with other authors/businesses worldwide to promote yourself.

Book writing service you can trust

Your privacy is always our top priority! We value the trust that our clients place in our book writing services. We follow strict ethical guidelines and keep your data stored in an encrypted format. Every agreement concluded is within the legal guidelines and is always discussed before any work starts.

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Frequently asked questions

We’re happy to resolve your questions and provide you with all types of information from how to deal with an idea that you have to how to publish your work.

What is a book writing service?
The phantom writers are able to provide anything from reliable analysis and evaluation of existing ideas to writing, editing, and preparing your work for publishing. When you have an idea for a book and seek an expert to write it, you are in the right place. Still, you must state your objectives clearly. It means that you should always discuss your requirements before you get in touch with a book writer for hire. Make sure that a person suits your creative vision, budget, and the genre or let our customer support match you with the best book writing specialist ever!
Why should I pursue an idea of writing a book?
If you have an amazing idea that you want to deliver to the world or highlight a business project, approaching reliable book writers is one of the best options to consider. As we keep our prices affordable and use ghostwriting techniques to let every author enjoy the benefits, there is no reason to avoid success! Hire a book writer now, discuss your ideas, estimate the timelines and the budget, protect your intellectual property and become one of the authors that can change the world and make it a better place!

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